The Jello Theory

Jello mold - ready for the theory?

When I was a kid I developed something I called The Jell-O Theory as a way to help me think about life and some of the things I understood with my gut but not with my head. I had this sense that every-thing is really One-thing. When I looked around me I saw all sorts of objects that appeared to be separate but somehow I knew they were all intimately connected and that the appearance of empty space between all of us objects was really an illusion. It was a gut knowing, more than anything, but try as I might I couldn’t picture it or feel it as directly as I wanted to. When I was just hanging around, looking at everything around me it all seemed and felt very separate. I was convinced that if I could find a way to think about it that could translate my gut feeling into some kind of common sense then my hit that everything was intimately connected and not separate would be proved, and anyone would be able to see it and experience it for themselves.

And so I imagined that all the sky and all the spaces that were currently filled with air were filled with Jell-O…….and it worked! At least you could see that the movement of one thing affected every other thing by watching the ripples in the Jello-O, and how if you let your imagination go, just one movement would eventually touch every other so called separate thing that existed, including you and me and all the birds, trees, grasses and material objects we can think of, even the stars!

It was my first attempt to use my own brain and imagination to understand my experience of the world around me, but it wouldn’t be the last time I used food as a way to connect more intimately with the universe…… the only difference is that these days the Jell-O would be vegan, and without refined sugar, artificial colors, flavorings, or sweeteners J.

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3 Responses to The Jello Theory

  1. mark says:

    hell, now i really want jello.

  2. Theorist says:

    I’d have to agree with the Jello Theory. I came up with something exactly like that, and called it th Jello Theory. However, I didn’t know if there was already a Jello Theory, so I Googled it. That’s how I found this. Now I know I’m not alone on this one.

    • Kosmic Kitchen says:

      Hello! That’s cool – the fact that we both came up with this means it’s got some legs….I would like to hear more about your take on “The Jello Theory”. You are definitely not alone 🙂

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