Food for worms…or fuel for consciousness?

Grey Thorn Tree

I happen to be in a remote location, on my own, a rare occurrence to be truly alone. The wind is howling around anything it can find and yet it can’t disturb the stillness. When you are outside in the wind and the snow and the wildness and there is no one around to see you or take note of your existence something lands. Lying down on a snowy rock under the spreading branches of a grey thorn tree and I understand viscerally I am no one, I do not stand apart or have an identity that transcends this process of life. If I never move again I become food for worms sooner rather than later and nothing is disturbed in this process, there is no grief, nothing is lost, nothing gained.

Every single animate and inanimate thing on this planet and in the universe is food for something else. It makes me wonder what we are food for? Since so many things live and die to feed us, is our contribution to the food chain merely to become fodder for worms at the end of our lives or the occasional meal for a bear or a shark??? What do we give life to – what do we live and die for in the end? Who are we in this process? My experience is that it’s not something we are just a part of – the process is who we actually are! Lying under that tree, without the usual people and things around that give me my outward identity, I have no doubt about it.

My take is that there is a fundamental drive in life towards greater consciousness and that we, as human beings who are self conscious, provide the food for that drive. We are what feeds it. We bring self awareness to this process of life/spirit/consciousness growing and evolving, as the process itself. Our physicality is the earthing point, the foundation that makes it possible for us to fuel consciousness. That is our part in the food chain – that is what we feed through our being here. That is why we are here. And the more awareness and intention and energy we bring to this the better fuel we are. We make it possible for consciousness to chew itself up and spit itself out, moving evolution forward. How’s that for food for thought?

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