Teaching cooking…

Teaching people to love and to make really good food makes me as happy as making and eating a fantastic meal myself. SO I had my first cooking class in my tiny kitchen showing 7 curious students various dehydrating techniques, a kind of low temp cooking that preserves the nutrients and enzymes of fresh foods. It was a blast – the highlight of the 3 hour course was when I revealed the secret of my chia seed crackers, which are inspired by the paintings of Jackson Pollock. Layer upon layer of swirly spiraled veggies in a base of gray chia glop, with striking spears of chives, dotted with the fresh herbs, they come out like mini paper murals that you can cut into squares and eat. Digestible art – you eat them first with your eyes, then with your fingers, then with your ears as you tear off a bite and finally you get to taste them – each step a surprise to the senses.

My goal is to get people to look at a vegetable, think of 10 different ways they could prepare it, and be empowered to cre-ate. J

Here are some pictures of the cracker making process, pictures compliments of Judith Lerner, food writer for the Berkshire Eagle:

spreading the chia seed glop

building the layers of vegetables and herbs

loading the dehydrator for the final stage

finished chia cracker - ready to be cut into pieces

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2 Responses to Teaching cooking…

  1. Shel says:

    I love Jackson Pollock’s work and am sure I would love these crackers. I wish I was closer so I could participate in your classes.

    • Kosmic Cooking says:

      Me too – I saw Pollack’s work recently at MOMA, for the first time live, and became re-inspired by the depth of his work – I hope these crackers mange to convey that in an unusual way, without making light the complexity of his art!

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