Just saw this great article in The New York Times – An Apple a Day, Doctor’s Orders.

Exposing children and adults to fresh seasonal produce, in this case by doctors prescribing fresh fruits and vegetables and backing it up by giving out coupons for them, is one of the best ways to fire up an appetite for healthy foods and acquire the taste buds to appreciate them. The next obstacles, once people start to appreciate fresh foods and want to eat well, are cost and availability. But I do see that as the general population demands more affordable fresh produce the food system will find ways to accommodate them. That is one thing it is designed to do – respond to consumer demand! It is not going to change all at once, but as we start doing the right things for our health, we will start to feel better, we will be empowered, and we will do less of the things that are not good for us. This does have an impact that ripples out from each of us.

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