Kosmic Kitchen is the creation of Katherine Miller and is founded on her 30 plus years of experience in the field of whole foods nutrition, and 20 years of experience in the practice of meditation and yoga. From intimate gourmet dinners, to instruction in the culinary arts, to counseling individuals, groups, and institutions in all dimensions of health and wellbeing, Kosmic Kitchen has a down-to-earth perspective on the how to’s of transforming our health through our entire approach to eating and life.

We offer the following services

  • Health counseling
  • start with a 30 minute session to assess your needs and goals
  • chose from short and long term programs that support your individual action plan –  designed to achieve your goals for optimal health
  • Classes – public and private
  • the how to’s of whole foods preparation, learn the skills to transition from processed foods to whole foods.
  • on specific health issues around diet, exercise, aging, illness, and menopause etc…
  • Corporate consultations
  • developing whole foods products for large scale production
  • designing wellness programs for employees
  • intimate gourmet dinners – elegant vegan dinners prepared on site for special occasions

This is Katherine Miller’s blog page – feel free to comment on the posts below

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1 Response to Welcome

  1. Linda Staszewski says:

    I appreciate the way you incorporate flavor into your nutritional recipes. It was a privilege to meet you at the Mercyhurst North East luncheon, as your menu selection and the food preparation was outstanding and delicious! We hope to see you again, Katherine….thank you!

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