play with your food

I just read a great blog on the evolutionary roots and merits of playing with our food.  As a chef with macro-hippy-back-t0-the-earth roots it feels like pre-thought instinct, from a million or more years ago, to mess with our food in some way, making raw materials more palatable and easier to digest. I imagine that right from the beginning the necessity of processing our food became entwined with ritual and meaning.  Millions of years later our American food habits are steeped in cultural meaning, superstition, and ritual and are so much a part of how we identify ourselves. If we could trace our connection with food – fast or otherwise – back to the beginning, and find those roots alive in our own psyche – I think we would have a whole different consciousness in relationship eating.

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2 Responses to play with your food

  1. Joanna says:

    There are so many things associated with food and the eating of it, love, anger, deprevation, over indulgence, gluttony, pleasure and discomfort to name a few. Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of eating plump blackberries straight off the bushes, which I noticed growing by the side of the road. Standing like a delighted upright bear in the afternoon sun, I stood plucking the ripe and succulent berries and eating them. It was such a simple pleasure and it was free.
    Playing with your food is an interesting theme for sure – the first thing that comes to mind (perhaps the wicked side of mine) is how I always wanted to have a gigantic food fight in the school cafeteria – it never happened, but always thought it would be great fun. Americans really seem to know how to go to town with the food themes, like restaurants with food themes. What you seem to be pointing to is that we can make our food more interesting perhaps, by playing with, experimenting, blending, folding chopping etc..this is a good thought and worth thinking about to try something different and be creative in the kitchen 🙂 ……

  2. Shel says:

    Play with your food initially has me thinking of making mountains of mashed potatoes or food fights. I like the idea of “playing with your food” to create interesting, delicious, and healthy meals while considering color, texture, aroma, temperature and taste to name a few, that are also beautiful and edible works of art.

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