about the cleanse

Lighten Your Load 7-day Cleanse

This cleanse is a simple, straightforward method that reduces inflammation in your body, decreases stress, increases energy, and helps you to lose weight while providing top notch nutrients needed for healing.

What you are getting:

  • a system that is easy to follow, tried and true that helps you build the skills necessary for including whole nutrient dense plant foods into your diet on a regular basis
  • support:
  1. live and in person phone calls to help you get started and answer any questions you might have during the cleanse. These calls will be recorded and sent to you in case you can’t make the call.
  2. an ebook with an outline of the cleanse, goal setting tools, life style suggestions, recipes, shopping lists and more.
  3. an online forum for participants to engage in and ask questions that I will moderate daily


  • accountability: the structure of the cleanse allows you to be accountable to yourself first and foremost, and to the motivated group of people you will be doing the cleanse with. The success of each and every person feeds everyone else’s success.

Basic guidelines:

Eat 3 meals a day of cooked and raw vegetables and fruits, with beans and grains. Include green smoothies. Drink plenty of water and vegetable broths. Supplement with healthy snacks when needed. This is not a fast, there is no calorie counting, no dieting allowed. By including lots of nourishing nutrient dense, whole foods in your diet you are providing your body with the materials it needs to heal.

I also recommend various optional supplements and lifestyle practices that will make the cleanse even more effective.

The five food groups I recommend you delete from your diet for 7 days:

ATTENTION! If you are fairly new to cleansing and eating whole fresh foods with lots of fiber like grains, beans, and vegetables you may want to consider deleting just one, two, or three of these groups from your diet to start. Choose the ones that are easiest for you to tackle.

1. sugar: this includes all forms of refined sugar, all forms of synthetic sugar-free sweeteners, all bottled juices, sodas, etc…

2. gluten: this includes all wheat products and products that contain wheat, barley, malt, rye – both refined and whole grain. Some examples are bread, pasta, bagels, couscous, bran, muffins, pretzels, etc…

3. animal foods:

  • dairy – including butter, milk, cheese, yogurt
  • meat – fish, poultry, pork, and beef
  • eggs

4. processed foods: this includes anything that comes in a package and is made with refined ingredients, artificial colorings, chemicals or preservatives, and un-pronounceable ingredients.

5. caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes.

By removing all or some of these food groups from your diet you are giving your body a break from the constant assault of energy and nutrient depleting foods. And your organs, especially the liver, will get a break from the overload of toxins.

I will be going over the guidebook and some important steps that will ensure your success on the introductory call on tuesday 10th of April at 8:30pm EST, or for people in Europe, wednesday the 11th of April, at 3pm EST. This will be an important time to ask questions before you actually start the “Lighten Your Load” 7-day cleanse. All information including the guidebook will be emailed to you on the 6th of April.

For questions email katherine@kosmic-kitchen.com