About Katherine:Unusually curious in the culinary arts, Katherine Miller has been experimenting with food and diet since she became a vegetarian at the age of 15. She is especially interested in the relationship between what we eat and the ramifications for our future world. She studied at the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics in the 1980’s, and is experienced in tailoring diets for special needs, including expectant and new mothers, children, and people with chronic ailments. She supports organic, locally grown foods, became a member of one of the first CSA’s in 1988, and is currently an active member of Berkshire Grown. For the past 13 years, Katherine has worked as Executive Chef of EnlightenNext, where she prepared gourmet vegetarian cuisine daily for 60 staff, students, and residents with a focus on vegan and raw foods. She has trained dozens of cooks and interns in vegetarian culinary arts and menu planning. She specializes in commercial production techniques that use conventional kitchen equipment to prepare unconventional, whole foods meals. Thousands of people have been introduced to vegetarian food through her menu planning and cooking at retreats, public events, and formal dinners. In 2008, Katherine founded the Health is Wealth Program, a student and employee guideline for reaching a baseline of good health through simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Katherine is also a lecturer on the cultural implications of food and diet. She is currently testing recipes for a cookbook and working as a consultant and instructor for educational and corporate institutions. Her work has been profoundly inspired by spiritual visionary Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext, and his philosophy of Evolutionary Spirituality. She has been a student of Cohen’s for 20 years, practicing meditation and investigating the evolution of spirit, culture, and consciousness.

About Kosmic Kitchen:

Kos.mic adj.

1. of or relating to the Kosmos—the multidimensional evolving Totality of existence, encompassing not only the physical but also the biological, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual domains.

Kit.chen noun

1. a place or a room where raw materials are transformed into nourishment for human beings

Cook.ing verb

1. the practice or skill of preparing foods for eating; coaxing the goodness out of plants and other living things, yielding up their essence for the nourishment of body, mind and soul.

Kos.mic Kit.chen perspective

1. The philosophy behind using cooking, the sharing of food, and evolving food wisdom, as tools to support change at the level of consciousness and culture.

Humans have always messed with their food. Some would argue that this process, over millenia, is a big part of how we have become the humans we are, and is foundational to the creation of culture. This blog is about how to  work with and think about food in the most conscious and enlightened way possible. The reason for doing this is so we can get the most out of it – the most energy, taste, fullness, pleasure, health and well being. But even more important, how does the way we choose to eat inform the culture we live in, the values we share? How do our food choices contribute to changing the societal, political, environmental, and even spiritual challenges we face today?

Kosmic Kitchen is about connecting at a deep level with where we have come from, what we are a part of, and, most importantly, where we are going. It’s about becoming aware of and contemplating our dependence on other living things for our own lives. This has the potential to foster a deep gratitude, humility and passion in us and in our relationship to not just how we eat but how we live.


2 Responses to About

  1. Denise Keay says:

    A friend sent me a link to your website. I live in Huntington and attended ‘Way to Health’ at Kushi this past Feb. I have a kidney disorder called ‘membranous neoprathy’ and the macro diet, with a focus on miso & soy products, were too much for my body. I am VERY salt restricted. I have incorporated the macro knowledge with a vegan attitude and would be interested in learning more. Please contact me if you feel that y0u could be of assistance. Thank you. Denise

    • Kosmic Kitchen says:

      Hello Denise, Yes – I think I could be of help – I work with people who have very challenging dietary requirements on how to make food that nourishes every part of them including their taste buds 🙂 I like the “vegan attitude” as well. Give me a call if you would like to speak more about this, 413-822-8390. All the best, KM

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