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burnt out forest in Tahoe

burnt out forest in Tahoe

on the way to the mountain top

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eating healthy is affordable!

Here’s the article I have been waiting for: Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? For years I have been hearing the same old argument – people can’t afford to eat well. The argument is: fast food and junk food is cheaper, and, … Continue reading


conference in Costa Rica continued….

4th day of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition conference and it has been full on! Three full days and evenings of classes and exercises to align our core mission and purpose with good business skills. In the middle of the … Continue reading

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A jungle conference

my room in the jungle with welcoming swans 🙂 I think I amy be in one of the most delightful places on earth! As I type I am listening to the sounds of howling monkeys, chirping birds, distant thunder, and … Continue reading


Mind the Gap

These are the words you hear as you step on and off the subway train in London and they never cease to capture my imagination. This is especially true now, since my work as a health consultant has me focused … Continue reading


“I could never do that”

It seems I live a radical Life. Not because I meditate, or do yoga, or have a spiritual teacher, but because I eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans. I meet people all the time who have high … Continue reading


play with your food

I just read a great blog on the evolutionary roots and merits of playing with our food.  As a chef with macro-hippy-back-t0-the-earth roots it feels like pre-thought instinct, from a million or more years ago, to mess with our food … Continue reading


best food advice ever

If you want the best, most common sense, easy to follow, time tested wisdom on eating well to stay healthy, then read Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, an eater’s manual, and follow it! It only takes 30 minutes or less and you’ll spend at … Continue reading


“natural products” = natural health???

Frito-Lay has just announced a change in 50% of its snack food line to all natural ingredients by the end of 2011 – go here to read the full story. This is welcome news and a big step in the … Continue reading

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snapshot of a 50 year food journey

Food. If you want to know something about me then all you have to do is think about food. All my life I have been fascinated with food and this fascination has led me down all kinds of paths, and … Continue reading