HOTFLASH – for women in their prime

HOTFLASH: what happens when experienced women take their health and happiness into their own hands

The HOTFLASH System –  eight sure-fire steps for taking back your body and mind – lose weight, reduce stress, minimize hotflashes and mood swings and feel better in your own skin than you ever have 

H- H2O – rehydrate and get those juices flowing – key step for boosting metabolism, losing weight, clearing brain fog, relieving constipation, detoxing, and increasing energy

O- optimize your eating – take advantage of nutrient dense foods to satisfy cravings, reduce calories and lose weight while increasing your intake of healing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals

T- time is on your side – learn how to de-stress with breath work, centering practices, and  prioritization

F- free your body – find the perfect movement for you, build muscle, boost metabolism,  rise above anxiety and mood swings

L- liberate your libido – love what you do, who you are with, and where you are headed

A- activate your body’s natural wisdom – lighten your load with simple and effective strategies for detoxing and regeneration

S- sleep like a baby – reboot and regenerate every evening, wake up refreshed and happy

H- happy, healthy, and hot – wholeheartedly embrace a holistic approach to health        


the fire-quencher: 7 day detox – a gentle liver cleanse to renew and re-energize, extinguish hot flashes, and reboot your healthy eating habits

the kickstarter – for groups – a 6 week fast track program for women serious about taking their health into their own hands

  • one 15 minute private phone consultation before the course starts
  • one 30 minute group phone call a week covering one healthy lifestyle practice
    • plus 15 minutes of Q&A
  • one action step per week to begin implementation of healthy lifestyle practice
  • handouts, materials, and assignments emailed before each call
  • email support in between calls in the event of questions

to get more information on any of these programs contact:,  413-822-8390


2 Responses to HOTFLASH – for women in their prime

  1. anita meyers says:

    enjoyed your asian wrap class at LECOM and am interested in learning more about the HOTFLASH program. I am menopausal with a history of breast cancer…my hotflashes have gotten worse, energy level lower and welcome any assistance in improving my current situation.

  2. Khin Tye says:

    Hi Katherine, you have a terrific website for Kosmic Kitchen. I have just signed up for the Kosmic Kitchen newsletter. Happy New Year ! Khin

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